The Vehicle


Rescued from a tiny island in the South Atlantic, the original 1955 Land Rover is ready for one last adventure.

Classic and Sports Car – LR 70  1.jpg

One of the two 86” station wagons loaned to the 1955 Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition for their historic journey, the car being used for The Last Overland was dubbed 'Oxford'. 


After the original journey was complete, the car ended up on remote Saint Helena in the mid-Atlantic. As time progressed, most of 'Oxford' was dismantled and left rest to rust, but in 2017 a determined Yorkshireman - Adam Bennett - recovered, refurbished and brought back to life in the UK. It passed its MOT at the first attempt, and the its original SNX891 number plate was reinstated.

In 2018, Adam gifted ‘Oxford’ to Tim, Alex and the team for one last adventure.